What can App Mobile help businesses do?


Increase revenue, increase sales ability to improve sales efficiency.


Engage customers, create consumption habits and have a loyal customer file.


Increase brand awareness and enhance brand value.


Create an effective Marketing channel at a cost close to zero.

Project process

Project scheduling

After receiving the request, the project manager will divide the work and arrange the appropriate personnel for the project.

System design

Parallelize the design process (including userflow, wireframes, coloring) along with data modeling.

Product Programming

Program the interface according to the design (front-end) and connect to the database (back-end), and plan the test.

Finishing the product

Receive feedback and make corrections as required. Finishing, instructing and handing over the product.

What’s different about App Mobile service at A.Yersin?

Understanding customers

Always put yourself in the position of the customer to see the difficulties and concerns of the customer.

Thoroughly solved

With working experience, deep understanding of the problems of the professions, A.Yersin will offer solutions to solve the problems thoroughly.

Cost optimization

There are always clear implementation orientations to help businesses have the lowest investment costs.

Long-term companion

Always committed to warranty, maintenance with a long term. Committed to 24/7 support and support.

Why should you design an App at A.Yersin?


All required processes and operations are optimized on the application with full features for user convenience.


Optimizing costs up to 50% because A.Yersin has a standard working process and clear implementation orientation.


Rapid deployment with professional processes will help you capitalize on business opportunities quickly.


A.Yersin always applies advanced technologies in its products.


A.Yersin is 100% committed to information security and application performance.