• Temporary staffing services include: Companies that increase IT staff, IT temporary staff, companies that provide technology staff or technical staffing solutions and IT contract staff.
  • Full Stack Software Developers (Full Stack Software Developers)
  • Digitally Skilled Technicians

Currently, the scarcity of software development talent is not a problem only limited to enterprises in Vietnam but also in the world. The search for programmers, especially IT positions in important fields such as healthcare, finance, services, advanced technologies such as NFT, Metaverse, IoT, AI, Blockchain… is increasing day by day. growth, is a global challenge. This is very important and not just a matter of the human resources department. It is a real challenge in business. Therefore, to join in solving this problem, A YERSIN has signed a cooperation agreement with EduCLaaS Singapore which is a digital training and teaching platform across Asia for the purpose of providing talent for business development. to transform the full digital economy.